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Petrol Dollars for a Different Engine (50') is an intimate coming of age story about the creative and activist millennial Eline and her father John, a retired Shell manager. The documentary follows Eline's personal journey to find a meaningful way to reinvest her investment portfolio originally invested in unsustainable companies as Shell and McDonalds. 

Director Robin Vogel:

"The relationship between Eline and her father stands for the way that millennials and babyboomers relate to each other, giving the two generations a face. For me the film is essentially about their relationship. This is how her story has the possibility to touch people; because it is both personal and universal."

Co-director Eline Hesse:

"As the Millenial generation is becoming adult, we are starting unravel the state of the world and look forward. Is this the world we want to live in? These trends gave me the feeling of urgency to make this film, which happens to zoom in on my life.  I may be an extreme case of a privileged millennial looking for a purposeful way out. With my story I want to engage the public with big questions about money, ideals and generations. Is it possible to couple your ideals with your capital? What can my generation learn from the capitalist mindset to build their own standards? Through this process, I not only try to find a way to make my own portfolio more sustainable, but also to inspire others to go on this journey, and challenge banks to be more transparant."

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